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Our logo is a symbol of unity derived from the ancient Mayans. We interpret it to symbolise the unity of purpose we share with our clients regardless of distance, events or time. Zeiler Jankey Attorneys & Conveyancers was established in 2007. Erryn Zeiler and Vaughn Jankey both were partners/directors in prominent Durban law firms prior to establishing their own firm. Erryn and Vaughn's long friendship started when Erryn served his articles at Ditz Inc which naturally progressed into the successful business relationship and continued friendship they now enjoy.

Erryn and Vaughn's open door policy has always been part of their recipe of success and continues to be so. Personal interaction with clients, where possible, facilitates a proper understanding of the legal process and results in less dissatisfaction as an enlightened client is generally a happy client.

The firm offers a wide range of legal services to its clients and to read more please click on the ''ABOUT US'' tab above or click here.

Property Lawyers & Conveyancers

01 Property Law / Conveyancing
Transfers and bonds, drafting of agreements of sale, lease agreements....more

Intellectual Property Lawyers

03 Intellectual Property
Registration of Trade Marks and advice on Copy Rights. Vaughn has for many years....more

Labour Lawyers

05 Labour Law
Representation of employer/employee/members of societies and....more

Insolvency Lawyers

07 Insolvency Law
Winding up of companies and cc's whether voluntary or by way of application....more

Family Lawyers

09 Family Law
General practice in divorce and custody disputes, access and maintenance....more

Correspondent Lawyers

11 Correspondent
Durban correspondent attorney to blue chip law firms including Werksmans Attorneys....more

Insurance Lawyers

02 Insurance Law
Litigation in respect of all manner of insurance work. Vaughn acts for....more

Debt Recovery Lawyers

04 Debt Recoveries
Recoveries in both Magistrates and High Court. The firm has the capacity....more

Commercial Lawyers

06 Commercial Law
Representation of corporates in all manner of corporate work....more

Estate and Wills Lawyers

08 Wills & Estate Planning
Drafting of Wills, setting up of Trusts and generally advising clients....more

Entertainment Lawyers

10 Entertainment Law
Diverse agreements for artists, composers and other role players in the....more

Personal Injury Lawyers

12 Personal Injury Law
We deal with all manner of personal injury related matters....more

General High & Magistrates Court Litigation

13 General High Court & Magistrates Court Litigation
General High and Magistrates Court litigation in both divisions of the High Court in Durban and Pietermaritzburg....more