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About Us

The firm prides itself on the quality of service provided and looks forward to be of further service to you!

Zeiler Jankey Attorneys & Conveyancers was established in 2007. Erryn Zeiler and Vaughn Jankey both were partners/directors in prominent Durban law firms prior to establishing their own firm. Erryn and Vaughn's long friendship started when Erryn served his articles at Ditz Inc which naturally progressed into the successful business relationship and continued friendship they now enjoy.

Erryn and Vaughn's open door policy has always been part of their recipe of success and continues to be so. Personal interaction with clients, where possible, facilitates a proper understanding of the legal process and results in less dissatisfaction as an enlightened client is generally a happy client.

The firm is 50% black owned and fully BEE compliant and we are fully certified by BEE Matrix which is a prominent BEE verification agency. Our certificate can be supplied upon request. Our BEE status allows our corporate client's to credit any procurement spend on our firm as compliant with the Financial Sector Charter.

The firm operates from A-grade premises conveniently located in Durban North which boast modern offices supported by the latest information technology resources. At the core of our firm is the power of strategic planning backed by the necessary skills, capacity and experience to meet our client's diverse needs.

Erryn Zeiler
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Vaughn Jankey
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